Uptown Hustle 2: The Saga Continues Preparing for Upcoming Kindle Release

Sheri Ann always envied her younger sister Faith's status within the Bonaparte Empire, but she never thought she would get a chance to walk in her shoes. Newly recruited by the ringleader himself, Sheri Ann becomes easily manipulated by the new people in her world.

Saniyah is now the successful business owner she envisioned herself becoming but her relationship with Que has been hit or miss and its mostly due to the secrets she keeps.

Mecca is still caught in the drug game by association, but is her new found love just what the doctor ordered to help her begin to enjoy life again?

Even behind prison walls, nothing can stop Antoine Bonaparte from ruling the streets. While he has secured trusted foot soldiers to keep his drug and sex trafficking rings in place, every empire, no matter how strong, must fall eventually.

With everyone in the midst of piecing their lives back together from the last set of tragedies, what could possibly happen next?

Update: Uptown Hustle 2 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, October 7th!
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