Love Is A House hits #1

We're currently running a promotion on Amazon Kindle for the digital edition of  Love Is A House by Tsunami. From now until Friday, you can download for free from the Kindle store. Also if you purchase a print copy from Amazon, you will get the digital download for free.

We are proud to announce the Love Is A House has hit number 1!

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{New eBook} Uptown Hustle: The Philadelphia Story

On these streets of Uptown Philly, don't be fooled by the freshly cut grass and tree-lined sidewalks because on these streets it's still every man and woman for themselves.

Meet Saniyah, Faith, Crystal, and Mecca, four young women connected to each other by the hustlers in their lives.

Saniyah Carter has been able to overcome the hurdles that life started dealing her at a young age but as soon as she believes things are getting better she's faced with even more tragedy.

Faith Trinidad has been the breadwinner of her family helping her mom and older sister financially since she was a teenager. Working for Antoine Bonaparte, a Haitian drug kingpin, Faith travels the world running drugs, money, and women back to America.

Crystal Madden is also caught up in Bonaparte's Empire but wants out badly, but neither Crystal nor Faith can say no to Antoine.

Mecca Clarke has seen how the drug game has changed her older brother into a heartless criminal mastermind just to support his family. But Mecca is ready to declare her independence and even with the best laid plans she gets caught up with Faith and Crystal on a drug excursion unbeknown to her.

It is believed that with fast money comes a shortened life span, but who will make it out of this treacherous game?

On these streets of Uptown, the Hustle never stops...

Kindle Premiere Week Promotion...We're Officially an Amazon Best Seller!!!!

The Black Magnolia Society Volume 1 is now available for free in the Kindle Store until Friday 8/2. Our first day was yesterday and we hit #2 in African American Women's Fiction and #3 in African American Urban Fiction...again our FIRST DAY!!!! Don't forget to leave a review.


Upcoming for 2013

Just checking in...we're still here. Working on a new book to be released this year and moving forward with turning The Black Magnolia Society into a visual project. Stay tuned!